Are you willing to share your experience and expertise with K-12 students?

Guest speakers are an important part of the educational experience for students. They expose students to insights, perspectives and life experiences from the position of someone who has been there. In doing so, guest speakers help students build important connections between the subjects they are studying in schools and the real world. Minnesota Civic Youth’s “Civic Leaders in the Classroom” program was designed to bring civics to life for students who may never have had the chance to spend time with a lawyer, elected or appointed official, veteran or civic leader.


How Does it Work?

Attorneys, elected and appointed officials, veterans and civic leaders can volunteer to spend 30-40 minutes in a classroom reading a civic-related book, presenting a prepared civics lesson or speaking about their civic-related work. Once you click on the link below to indicate your interest, you will be contacted by a Minnesota Civic Youth staff member who will match you with a participating school, help you schedule your visit, and provide lessons and resources to help make your visit a positive experience for you and the students.

Prior to their classroom visit, Minnesota attorneys have the option of watching a 40-minute CLE video titled “Lawyers Responsibility for Educating the Next Generation of Citizens” to earn one standard credit hour from the State Board of Continuing Legal Education.

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