When it comes to talking to kids about political matters, you may think that your 8-year-old would rather be playing video games or that your 14-year-old would prefer texting friends — but you might be wrong. KidsHealth.org asked more than 2,000 kids and teens throughout the U.S. what they thought about presidential elections and how they might affect them, if at all. A whopping 75% of kids and 79% of teens answered “yes” when asked whether they thought that the outcome of an election would change their lives.

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The Role of Parents

Knowing what kids think about the issues and how they might affect your family is important. When discussing an election, talk about what you believe and why — and ask your kids what they think and feel, and how they learned about the candidates and issues. Learning about civics and elections and engaging in open discussions can help young people develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors of a good citizen.

Below are a few election-related activities to do together as a family.

Watching the Returns Family Activity

What’s the Buzz Family Activity

One Nation Family Activity

Watch The Election Family Activity

Ballot Game Family Activity