Lessons by Grade Level designed to help teach about voting, democracy, civic life, elections, civic responsibility, and the importance of participating in the political process.

A Teaching Framework for the 2016 Presidential Election that outlines the concepts and content included in each Minnesota Social Studies/Government Standards by grade, as well as links to online resources and lessons.

A Book List for Educators to get kids election ready and civics-savvy.

Post-Election Reflection Activities to guide students in reflecting about what they’ve learned during the election process and how they feel about the election results.

A list of Helpful Websites suggested by educators from across Minnesota.

Two approaches — Accountable Talk and Philosophical Chairs — to help teachers maintain meaningful discussions (whether 10 minutes during morning meeting or a full class period) that support civil discourse, the development of civic skills, and critical thinking.

A list of Election-Year Guiding Questions to help start, maintain or deepen classroom lessons or discussions.