For this year’s mid-term elections, PBS NewsHour Extra has developed lessons focused on Down-Ballot Voting and the Role of State and Local Elections. has also developed lessons focused on state and local governments.

Our favorite Lessons by Grade Level designed to help teach about voting, democracy, civic life, elections, civic responsibility, and the importance of participating in the political process.

A Teaching Framework that outlines the concepts and content included in each Minnesota Social Studies/Government Standards by grade, as well as links to online resources and lessons.

A list of Helpful Websites suggested by educators from across Minnesota.

A Book List for Educators to get kids election ready and civics-savvy.

A list of Election-Year Guiding Questions to help start, maintain or deepen classroom lessons or discussions.

Post-Election Reflection Activities to guide students in reflecting about what they’ve learned during the election process and how they feel about the election results.